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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Frostflower

I had heard of Arm from many of my friends for months before I actually created a character. I had heard it is a hard world, and to expect to die fast and often. I had also heard that the
role-playing is superior to any other MUD.
These were all intimidating to me. Having not read the Armageddon website,I was under the misconception this was a post-apocalyptic MUD, placed on desolate future Earth.

Zalanthas (the name of the world of Armageddon MUD) is a beatiful,but harsh desert. Under the bloody-red eye of Suk-Krath various creatures wander the sands amidst purple cacti and groves of agafari. Most people live in on of the two big city states: Allanak and Tuluk. I have personally formed an attachment to Tuluk (or Northlands).

It is a very hard world. Trusting the wrong person will easily lead to death on Arm. And death is the end of that character. But the player goes on, creating a new person to his/her account.
When (not if) my current character dies, I will weep, grit my teeth,swear never to return and be back staring at the character application within 36 hours at the most. It is that compelling.

Codewise, the adds I've seen on Armageddon put it very well:
'Value Added DIKU MUD'.
I could rant about the crafting, cleaning, riding, fighting and emoting, but they are best experienced personally. The base is solidly DIKU, which means most basic commands will work the way one would expect. Yet there is nothing boring about it.

It seems that the emote system is one of the stumbling blocks, not just to me, but other newcomers as well. The four-liners with athmospheric references can be great, but they are certainly not a must. 'Ordinary' emotes will do just fine, while building up onfidence. Roleplaying is much more than emoting, it is thinking the thoughts of the character (either literally by using the 'think' command or just in one's own head) and experiencing the world through
the eyes of that character.

It does take time to get started. Reading the documentation on the website not only gives information required to keep alive past the initial couple of hours, but more importantly, opens the beauty of Zalanthas to the player. With the background information, the experience of playing becomes more 'real'.
Applying for a character takes patience. The approval process has in my experience taken from 20 minutes to about 8 hours, but 24 hours is what is promised.

On each Saturday, Armageddon closes for maintenance between 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM CST. Take this into account if planning a character.
The website with its treasure of information remains open.