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Reviews Section
Materia Magica by Teriklar

A lot of work has gone into making the world of Materia Magica a great place to play.  I'm a three year veteran of the game and there is still plenty for me to do.  In the main world alone there are four large continents, and there is an underground world and a third realm for those who are experienced and have the desire to explore.  Characters have the option of several different races and classes, and as a character progresses they gain the skills and spells out of four different groups of classes, and a fifth bonus class for those who wish to advance even further.

The world is continually being updated with new areas for people of all levels to enjoy, and features are always being added to keep the game fresh and interesting.  This game has been around for a long time, and once you get involved you can see for yourself that it's a very intricate and involved world.