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Reviews Section
Materia Magica by Ressa

Wow. Where do I start? About 5  years ago I was surfing the internet for something to do because I was bored out of my mind. I wanted something different than the usual first-person shooters I had been playing non-stop. I thought back to a time when I saw my cousin playing this weird text game and I had asked her what it was. She told me a little about it and I thought boy, you really have to have a good imagination to enjoy something like that. Well anyways I decided I would try the game that she showed me. I logged in and read all the directions. I got into the game and I was stuck. I didn't know what to do next or how to move or anything. Heh, I thought man this isn't doing it for me. I quickly x'ed out of the game. I decided to check on some other rpg's that were available. I came across the site Materia Magica. This looks interesting I thought. Maybe I'll try it out. I logged in and everything was explained clearly to me. I got into it right away. Bam. I was hooked for hours. I couldn't stop, it was so much fun. 5 years strong and I'm still addicted. I'm having the time of my life! The world is completely customized and the world practically changes every week. The implementors listen to the players and the players actually steer the game for the most part. Normally when you reach 240 in an rpg, that's it nothing else can be done. Congratulations you have just one the game. But not in Materia Magica. There is actually a class above and beyond 240. The most skilled players reach Archon level at 241 by taking a challenging Archon quest. What an experience it is! I reccommend this game to everyone you will not be dissapointed it's just brilliant all the things that are implemented. After playing this game you'll never be the same =)