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Reviews Section
Materia Magica by Proventa

Well..uhh..umm...i've been playing for about a year now...I came across Materia Magica (moon gate at the time) way back in 1996..tried it..didn't think too much of it since it was new and not so instresting with the amount of people..just last year my friend came up to me and asked the question that has probably impacted my life more then anything else since then

"Hey! you play Materia Magica?"

i should have walked away..but..i didn't..i responded..
" I?"
and WHAM!...all day he is telling me about how great this game is. SO hey..why not try it out.
Almost immediatly i reconized it..but all was not as it seemed. It had changed..instead of the few people juts questing all day it became about 300+ people average...although most quested alot still, but they had added the wonderous quest limit (5 max for about 10 hours, not sure exact time), there was alot more help in the newbie town to help me on my way, alot more help files, and just thougsands of things i can't even keep track of..
Now it has become so incredably addictive i can't stop playing it..when i'm not questing or leveling or even practicing my skills to perfection..i'm standing in townsquare chatting with clannies or sailing the world in my Coaster The Interloper.

What atracted me most to this game was the little compass thingy for each more typing exits or reading the white below white (exists: south, east)

No matter what time there will always be someone to help you and someone trying to kill you. With other MUDs i have played i could care less about entering a player vs. player zone with the only about 30 people online..but with 300 you gotta think twice about entering PK, you can't even trust what you see at night..a shape shifted fey could be lurking in the next room dagger in hand ready to jump you. Inconvient at times..but it's the way it should be.

It is also the largest i have ever seen..over 8million unique rooms...4 large continents, hundreds of small islands, over 8 large main cities and a bundle of smaller ones, 3 planes of existance, an arena, player sponsered tournaments every couple of months, Ships to navigate the sea..can't afford a problem just take the friendly transport ship The Merdraco that stops at all major ports, or even the Iron worm if your in a hurry, like a specific town alot? a house there!...There
is juts countless things to do on MM..and every morning i wake up and go..i'll go outside today, juts to find myself glued to my chair playing Materia Magica.
If you like MUDs, or want to start, i highly recomend atleast trying this one, you may find yourself in my position be warned!