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Reviews Section
Discworld by Darloth

I haven't played a huge number of muds, but i've been on a few... i used to drift between them quite regularly, but when i found this one... i kinda ended up staying put... Of all the muds i've played, it is both the best and the most confusing. Be warned, it not only has (in some places almost classic) Terry Pratchett humour, it also has an amazing level of detail. If you can get past the initial... landslide... of sheer stuff, (for example, the main city, Ankh-Morpork, is the largest city i've ever seen in a mud... it must have over 500 rooms or something, FAR too many to count... and it isn't the only city... there are more!) and manage to get your footing, you will find there is a huge layer of detail underneath the top layer of... astounding detail! I could go into many examples, but, for example, there is the combat system... large quantities of different weapons, with different skills for blunt, pierce, sharp and unarmed (with some weapons being a combination) togeather with extra attack commands, parry, dodge, combat tactics, group tactics, and even combat attitutes. Although i'm sure it has contemporaries on other muds... i suspect that they would have just that, and not so many other wonderful thingies... like (and i can't remember even half of them) over 450 different soul commands (preset emotes, some with more than one form of use) plus your own emote commands, and some item based emote-like commands like yo-yos, musical instruments (one of which a weapon) and frisbees... all nearly useless, but great FNU!!! (mispelling intentional... play it and see *grin*). Thats what the main focus is on this mud, fun. I may be a little biased, being a discworld fan, but, discworld or no, i have yet to see a mud that is more enjoyable, nor one that combines so many good elements into a cohesive, effective, and impressive whole.