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Reviews Section
Materia Magica by Gorvan, Larke..

Ok, where to begin. This may take awhile.

Ok, im probaly the most HATED person in this game, do i care? Not really. it's kinda hard to get stuff/go places/ get help. In-all i think i have about 20 friends. most people i've known from the start, This is the first mud i everplayed, during my stay here i've tryed a few others, they suck.

I've played Moongate/Materia Magica since about november 1998, i never got all this "help" you people are constantly talking about. but hell, im refused alota things.  

Over time, you find out players have immortals and who there mortals are. 1 for example. Loged on my char and stole all my equipment from my 'Archon' tho the imms said he didnt, i know for fact he did, when he admited it. Recently there was a crash in mm, i lost something that is valued with a large sum of MM's currency "gold" not replaced. oo well, the game is 'sorta' balanced many disadvantages to the game.

The benefits of this game are.
The Vmap, very nice for travel.
The fact that if you have 80 dollars your charcter may stand a chance.
The class/race/multiclass system's. Very cool.
Being a Archon. Good times indeed.
Quest, The items, Practices, all the rewards.
Lot's of items/areas.
Pee-kay system! kinda fun, off-balanced tho.

Prolly everything.
The fact that $80.00 U.S can get you 'balanced'
The players are sometimes assholes. i mean real assholes, as i've said before, im the most hated person in the game, im most untreated.
The fact that you can play (ill stretch this) THOUSANDS of hours and still have a sucky char is very un-cool.

My archon's page looks like this.

Player Information for: Gorvan?
 Hours Played:       3,844     Age:            19 years (Born 4/14/1405)
 Class Level:        70        Total Level:    241
 Race:               dwarf     Gender:         male
 Class:           archon       Alignment:      996 (angelic)
 Hit Points:        605/2341   Practices:      3
 Spell Points:      137/2041   Quest Points:   1,987 (1024 quests)
 Stamina:           792/1707   Reputation:     -82 (Outlaw)
 Strength:           ??/22     Vitality:       ??/25
 Knowledge:          ??/20     Luck:          ??/22
 Wisdom:             ??/22   Courage:        ??/24
 Agility:            ??/20     Sanity:         ??/24
 Personality:        ??/20
 Spell Complexity Comprehension: 100%
 Proficiency Complexity Comprehension:
   Wea: 100%  Def: 100%  Com: 100%  Tek: 100%  Mys: 100%
* You have 11,367 archon points and need 708 to advance.
* You have killed 25,282 creatures and 588 players in combat.
* You have been killed 382 times, 400 in player kill combat.
* You have defeated 107 players and lost 133 times in arena combat.
* You are carrying 0 items weighing 7 stones and 31 pebbles.
* You will flee from combat if your hit points drop below 0.

You will notice he has an excess of 3,800 hours. and still cant kill some of the lvl 240's, unbalanced? you decide. Some will say it's skill. just ignore them.

Within this game i've had alota money spent. ill name it and the prices.

Spectral aura, (Gives 9 AR 100HP 75 sp/st) it last for 1 year thats it, it expires and becomes unusable.) Cost: $$50.00 U.S, i have 2 chars so i have 2 of these.
Amulet of Spell-Deleivery, Cost: $$30.00 U.S, makes so most NEEDED spells cast and you're not automaticaly a loser. again, 2 alts. 2 of these.
ill stop explaining cause no need, and list the stuff.

(2) auras: $$100.00
(2) Spell deliv: $$60.00
Agrippa puzzle: $$30.00
Wealth amulet: $$30.00
3 different reagent keys: $$75.00
Tracking amulet: $$50.00
Shifting stone: $$50.00
Magical belt pouch: $$30.00
Glove of Lady Undya: $$30.00

-------------------Grand total
Some where around $$550.00 U.S, mabey thats not alota money to some of you but others who play ?!?!?! and kids mainly play this game, think about it. Although it's easy to get people to donate for you, you gotta have stuff that could take hours to obtain and be from certin 1 day of the year 'obtain rate'

I have no clue, but Corr wrote a post and he got deleted. I sure hope i dont get yelled at/deleted, or any other wrong for speaking my oponion.

Over all i like the game. thats why i spend so much time there.

Truefully, Gorvan, Larke.-----