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Reviews Section
Materia Magica by Steelflash Estark

Ok, I just started this to see how on earth something could beat Dragon Realms(shameless plug). So far I'm not exactly thrilled. This is what I've noticed:

Just from reading the referances:
Has 3(and exotic) forms of damage: slice, puncture and impact. This is a good thing, as variety is the spice of life.

Magic looks to be VERY interesting, and quite unique as far as MUDs go, requiring items to use magic and such.

Unfortunatly, aside from those two points, the game playes quite a bit like Avatar and most other MUDs like it. The same "Train wisdom and intelligence like a goblin on samatak for practices" strategy applies here as most other MUDs, as well as the same practice system.

Now keep in mind, I'm speaking of the bare essentials here, as a person who's played this game for roughly 10 minutes. So I can't comment on anything other than what's allowed of a level 1 player.