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Reviews Section
Materia Magica by tony

ok....ive played this mud for a bout a year..and one thing that is definate is that there is a variety of players online.
Some range from angry adolescents with the power hungry motto and no roleplay ability to the mature role players that muds advertise..also
always stay on the good side of the immortals and their friends..after all if u get on their bad side once..or speak on behalf of one who has...ur character suffers many grievious tones of what do you want to no answers during a do i know..because ive owned more than one player..and tried this out..
the classes are magnificient in my eyes..i love the variety that there is..but there is always room for more..and races thats is pretty an avid dungeons and dragons races to me seem to be in need but hey...the more the merrier..
all in all i play mm because its the only form of wasting time that i can find..and i find it challenging..i travel alone mostly because people like to pk unsuspecting newbies...and because other people like to get personal.
the few "friends" i have in materia magica..well that is what they are few..but they are the ones who helped me realize that despite all the bad roleplayers..and the bad "children" whom like to take advantage of a newbie...there are those who do stand up more for you than than ive seen guides and immortals do..also....dont get vassago will definately lose ur character...its been done...he works hard to make mm a fun and enjoyable mud for all users...and i think that he succeeds with what he has to work with...