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Reviews Section
Materia Magica by Zakmyrr

I've finally found a game to keep me interested!  This isn't one of those 'top out your character's abilities in a week' type of games.  Yes, it takes time to develop a good character, but it makes me feel like i've accomplished something.

There's always something to do here, be it questing, exploring, bashing some mobs, roleplaying, _sailing_, solving riddles to find special rewards called "marks", and on and on....

And then of course we have the clans, cabals, orders, cults, covens, etc...groupings of like minded folk, that like to chat, group hunt for eq, or whatnot.

Now for a negative or two (only fair right?)...

If i have to come up with one negative thing, i'd have to go with the slow character devopment.  But that's just because i'm used to the ones that let you rise to the top and quickly lose interest.

All in all, it's a very deep and enjoyable world, that i would recommend to anyone.