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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by Bahamut

Have spent many years on this mud. Stopped playing recently due to the numerous changes.
Last 6 months since the changes took place, player involvement mud wide has gone way way down. Many Good points about the mud been around for a loong time (8 years), 150+ areas, most unique to the mud, 300 or so people online at any given time. Great classes too.
The port has brought up bad points, recent changes have resulted in players from leaving and alienating many others. Hard to start off as a newbie, not newbie friendly. Excessive changes, some good and some bad have left the chars on this mud with relearning the game or giving up. Basic hack'n slash mud now, mana users are not well off (example mages) anymore.
If starting on this mud I would suggest using a vampire, warrior, or thief. This mud has in past been ranked #1 for long periods of time, in the past years. Since the shattering (port) it has gone down in the ratings, at this moment #71. Some may say this is not a true indication of a muds popularity. But you can simply log on and see for yourself. Number of users online since shattering has gone down by 100-200. Realms of despair has become a 20k room chatroom.

Your truly,
Bahamut, the Dragon of Blasted Lands.