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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Tatilonas

Avatar, full of more interesting and active people then any other MU* I have ever visited, with friendly staff and helpers(angels).

After spending years not mudding I went surfing about looking for reviews and highlights for the type of mud I was already experienced with.(DIKU) I managed to find quite a few of them, many were lacking in the social aspect that made the experience so wonderful for me when I was 1st introduced to them.  But AVATAR..Damn, they had swarms of people running about answering most questions, helping friendly people learn more advanced ways to play and generally keeping people who died in horrible ways from loosing their corpses to decay.

Add to this the controlled PK environment of arena battles with no loss and any beginner would be quite at home here.

Don't get me wrong, I like a good fight, a heavy challenge and a crazy skill/spell system to learn just as much as the next lunatic MU*'er does.  After finding out about how to access the list of skills for hero, I was hooked! I just had to get me one of them!

Putting aside my doubts, I decided to create a few characters of different sterotypes...A Dragon warrior, A sprite mage, A human thief and a Kzinti(catlike humanoid) Monk.    I found that I enjoyed the game so much that I created more and more characters to get the full experience of what was available from AVATAR.

Now after over 4 years, I have to admit giving up most hobbies for time on AVATAR, I have seen changes made to the characters I love, some I immediately embraced and others still I find no pleasure in to this day...But when I find some great people to run with that are truely abundant here at AVATAR, I tend to forget all about it and have fun again.

I Strongly encourage anyone who likes a bit of hack and slash in a highly social environment to stop in to AVATAR and check it out.   You won't regret it, unless you value your spare time too much!!!  *wink wink* *nudge nudge*