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Reviews Section
Materia Magica by Dwyn Geldrin

I joined materia magica just after 2001, when i arrived i was flabbergasted and confouded by everything.

This was the first mud i had decided to play properly and now, when ever i decide to try another mud i always compare it to MM.

MM to me is a milestone in mud creations.

I am the sort of person who dislikes too much reading, and within 5minutes i had set up a fully operative character and joined a novice clan.

regardless of it size it does have an immense back catalogue/manual of help available to anyone,
you can even type help <word here> and it will find the closest written to it for you.

This game although has such a special focus on socialness though that you can ask anyone for help and they will privelige you with their experience, i mean i never read the manual for this mud and now know nearly all of the fundamentals, controls basic and intermediate (in my opinion).

There are many cities such as Rune, which represent the world of Alyria's elite and the back-dodgy alleys of Sigil.

But after a while this reminded me of a phrase i heard in the Matrix.

"I dont seen numbers and letters, i see blonde, brunette, red head."

but in this case, i see people, streets, magics and homes.
there is such an aura to this game, socially atmospherically and intelligently.

No matter what aspect you wish to play be it a Roleplayer, a Player killer, or just a social hog there is always room in the halls and homes of Materia Magica.

yes there are quirks with this mud, but doesnt all muds have them?
These quirks are usually nothing more than an essential reboot that is performed occassionally, and i stress occasionally, but they are done with such efficiency and swiftness youll be back slaying dragons and orcs in a matter of Minutes.

Compared to the other muds i have played, none can compare so far to MM.

The unique compass, color-system, the whole thing makes it a Wonder to the visitors,
a massive expanse of exploration the the New People,
and a lifelong home for the well-reknowned.

Many people have been on here since it was first created in 1997, and have even said they wouldnt dare leave.
Its their dedication, and caring of the newer members that make the world of Alyria the only place to be.

I was Dwyn Geldrin, happily to have brought you this review.
And remember, look before you judge! :)