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Reviews Section
Ages of Despair by John

I've been playing AoD for three years. I have tried very hard to play other muds, but I can't seem to get comfortable anywhere else. It seems, for me, that it is 'AoD or bust' so to speak. The mud is genuinely unique-especially in that, it is very newbie friendly, very diverse in many 'well thought out'-guilds, newbie areas,etc...we do need more 20-30k mob areas, however. The game creators have my utmost blessing, and respect, but a few, new law members seem to be a bit green, so be careful who you talk to, and think before you put your fingers to those keys, and you will be fine.

AoD has been down for a short bout, so if anyone finds success logging on, please, please make a post here so that I know that things are cool. I am now having trouble sleeping, not for too much play--(too little)...:)

                       Miss you AoD...