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Reviews Section
Materia Magica by Antrel

Honestly, this game seems 'just right'. There isn't a huge economic and theological system, but it's still elaborate enough to maintain individuality. Many MUDS build on detal. "Better religions! Better economies!" I'll tell you, though, if I wanted an elaborate economy, I'd take a business course, if I wanted to learn theology, I'd go take a religious course. It's a fantasy realm, and fantasy is what this MUD demonstrates.

The compass is definitely an awesome feature. I hate having to read just for directions. PK is restricted in a very good fashion (There's PK where you die, and you don't spend time dead, a PK where you die and you do spend time, and a PK where you lose your stuff.)

One problem I've seen is sometimes the immortals tend to shut suggestions out that can be very good. The gameplay, however, is awesome, and the display is as well. Colors are by no means flooded, but there are enough to further express a few things within the game.

So yeah, good game.