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Reviews Section
Materia Magica by Edra

In a world where all muds declare how 'newbie friendly' they are it is nice to finally find one that is good to its word. The mud features an optional newbie tutorial that is very handy. Go through it and you get your starting money. Once you are ready, you can go through a whole newbie world. Very easy to follow, yet challenging enough to keep interest high.

The players online at any given time starts at 150 and goes up. They have a balance of high level characters to the low level characters which is an added bonus.

This mud features automated quests in a way I have never seen before and it is very refreshing. You can quest as you like but will find you can only quest so many times in a certain time period. The world is huge but they have quests remain within a certain section so you won't find you are running all over the world trying to finish your quests. The addition of more than one quest master helps with the area you start with also.

The skills, classes and races have been carefully thought through and are very well balanced.

One of my favorite features is how the room descriptions and mapping is handled. Very unigque and very easily understood.

Many of the player are nice if approached in the appropriate manner. You will also find your rude and obnoxious players, as is common with any muds. They have "guides" which are very polite and helpful. These "guides" are about the same as a newbie helper.

They multi system has been perfected and is easy to use and understand.

The only thing I have found that doesn't meet my expectations is the amount of actual role-play involved with the game. People can make ridiculous names and in no way have I met anyone that was willing to role-play. When I have attempted role-playing, it is laughed at mercilessly.

Over all I would higjly recommend this mud to anyone that isn't highly into roleplay and are just looking for a good time to be had. Be prepared to learn and with that learning, earn great rewards.

Thank you,
"Have you hugged your Guide today?"