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Reviews Section
Materia Magica by Niax Rhasu

Materiamagica has been what my friends refer to as, 'the game'. I've spent much of the last 3 years playing it and through it have befriended many people.  

What makes materiamagica so good isn't just the game play. Its the people. There is enough strife to keep the game 'competitive' And enough elbow room to become fast and reliable friends.

The game play is outstanding though. There is very little in game that you cannot figure out for yourself via help files or hint channels. The novice town of Lasler is built to lead a new person into the game with the least amount of trouble.

Player Guides make it even easier if you have a problem with game syntax or just class help. Truely helpful individuals.

Politics do come into play as you become more involved. But that is what you can expect when you have groups of people (clans) interacting with one another.

Very interactive world.  I've never played a game quite so well put together. It has had about 9 years to get its act together so the areas are well thought out and meant to challenge a person mentally as well as testing your charachters prowess.

so rah. quest on.

Niax Rhasu