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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by Zadar

I have been playing RoD, for over 5 years now, and I read these reviews, about everyone leaving, and such, and I myself have noticed a small dip in the player base, but not that much at all really, we only lost the ones who have not desire to adapt, and learn something anew.  I have seen many help people who ask, pretty much at any time. I have also had a couple run-ins with the Immortal staff, and have never been treated unfairly, nor seen others get "special treatment" as some might suggest.  It is a very original mud, and this "Shattering" has changed the face of the mud completely.  It has made the game more in-depth, and fun, in my opinion.  Starting a character can be difficult, as can choosing a name, but neither are by far that hard.  There are plenty of people able to lend a hand, and in my time since this Shattering, I have not seen less than 250 players on.  I am sure some are bots, but over all, there are people still coming to the mud, who are new, and we are here to greet them.  Since it is such a large game (they said the size of the game doubled, with the port) it can be a daunting game, but it is very good. Oh well.  I ramble when I just wake up.  I reccomend this to any MUDer, as a good mud.