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Reviews Section
Materia Magica by Mariachi

I've played other muds, some good, some bad.
This MUD is simply incredible. It has everything I've ever seen in any other MUD, in a comprehensive, consistent, dynamic, original environment. Some stuff it has is...

-player owned boats
-player owned houses
-player run shops in development
-a music system
-an alchemical system in development
-an herb mixing system
-around 75 clans (give or take, depending on economy)
-a fully consistent, original, massive history
-200 and some spells
-nearly 200 multi-use skills

A GIGANTTTIIICCCC WORLD! Upwards of 7 million rooms, 20-30 full cities, lots of dungeons, lots of areas in all environments from deserts (lowangen comes to mind) to islands (seahag isle and arcane archipelago come to mind) to mountans (vospire comes to mind) to castles (shadow castle comes to mind, as well as rune, vospire, and decara castles).... there are seriously unexplored areas -- THAT's how big it is!

give it a try, whether you're a novice (there are novice areas to acquaint you with the commands and interface and game itself) or a veteran. There is a MEAAAAAAAAANN (very balanced) PK SYSTEM!@#