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Reviews Section
OtherSpace Interactive SF Saga by Travis Poole

I really can't say enough about OS to do it justice.  This game has by far the best roleplaying that I've seen on the net.  The theme is great, the story lines are great, the players are great, and the admins are great.  From the very start even the most inexperienced players can become major characters in plots the affect the entire MUSH.  It's refreshing to see a game where characters are more than just a list of combat skills.  Characters here have incredible depth--fears, beliefs, accents, histories, motives, faults, and in general real /personalities/!  I am completely addicted to the MUSH, and truly think it is the best game to be found on-line!  While the application process can be time consuming, and requires some work, it is very much worth the effort.  Starting can be a bit intimidating as well, but people are willing to help new players, so just ask.  The slight confusion at the begining will soon pass, and you'll be so glad you found this game!  Anyone who is interested in great role playing should try it.

For those who want a few hard facts about the game: (1)roleplaying based xp system, so you don't run around killing mobiles to get better--you just get better by having quality rp that makes the game better for everyone. (2) Original set of races, many of which are underrepresented, so you can have the chance to be a /very/ unique character.  (3)simple command list--really, the only command you ever need to know is the pose command.

This game is great, and I highly recomend it.  Hope to see you there!
--Travis Poole
--aka Tolobo, Losh, Tycho