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Reviews Section
OtherSpace Interactive SF Saga by Rytorth

Yep, it's another review about SW:ROE. Here's the pros and cons on this (IMO) pretty cool game.

* There's a growing player base.

* We're in our second SA (Story Arc) and there's plenty of chance for your char to become (in)famous if you wish them to be.

* The players are very helpful and, if they don't know the answer to your question, they'll point you to someone who might.

* Recently the Admins relaxed the rules on alts a little: you can now create as many chars as you wish, as long as you don't abuse the privilige, you can create multiple human chars (something banned up until now, to keep people from ignoring the other races) and you can have chars in the same org, as long as you're careful about their paths crossing.

* Also, at the same time, the staff added Luck Cards - they save you in a life-threatening situation and are given out every three months. These are replacing +luckrolls on our sister MUSH, OtherSpace - and unlike +luckrolls, a Luck Card protects you for the entire scene: you'll survive, injured perhaps, but somehow you manage to get out alive.

* You get a choice between PK or consent-based fighting. With PK, there's no referee and it's pretty much up to who's the better guy with blasters/knives/whatever weapon happens to be in use at the time. Consent lets an Admin ref the fight and tell you what you should +taskroll. Personally, I prefer consent-based - it keeps you from getting slaughtered too easily in most cases.

* This taken in to consideration, it's still very, very easy for a char to die here, if you aren't careful. My own char's run into several life-or-death situations, pre-Luck Cards. She managed to get out of all of them, true - but only because she's fairly lucky *anyways*, I think. The Luck Cards are in place to keep your char from getting killed - but they work for *one* RP scene only. After that, you're fair game for anyone you may have annoyed enough that they want you dead.

* If you want Gifts (like Marksman or Claws), Faults (like Sadistic, Fugitive or Youth) or Quirks (like Dark Side, Infamous, Force Translation and Military Training), you *must* send in a bio that explains why you have the Gift/Fault/Quirk. There is no other way you can get these. The Admins put this in place (and took out the bit of code that allows you to get Gifts, Faults and Quirks on your own) to keep people from running amok with stuff like Sadistic and Force Sensitive - at least, this is my theory on the whole thing.

* Jedi and Force Sensitives are *not* open for application. Neither are Feature Characters. FCs never will be - and Force Sensitives are going through a trial run to see if allowing them would be a good idea. The main reason for this is because the MUSH is set a few years before ANH (A New Hope). In this era, Jedi - and those who can sense the Force at all - are still *rare*. There are only two known Jedi Masters out there and there's bounties on both of 'em - as well as their lone apprentice.

* Luke and Leia are both dead - Darth Vader's the only one of the Skywalker line left. Luke died at the beginning of the first arc - Leia died at the end of it or at the beginning of the second..I can't quite remember which.

* New races have been added - Shishtavanen (or Shistavanen, however it's spelled) and Gand are, in theory, open for application. Note I say in theory: this is because, last I checked, the staff hasn't gotten around to coding the news files for either race *or* adding them to chargen...nor is it known when they'll get around to this.

Considering all these pros and cons, it's up to you to decide whether or not you wish to join us in SW:ROE - but, should you come, you'll most likely be welcomed.

May the Force be with you,