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Reviews Section
Materia Magica by Skitari

Materia Magica, wow it seems only a few months ago I was calling it Moongate, but now thats all referred to as 3.2 usually. Right now MM is in version 4. something. By far the best mud created. Many people who play it will bitch,whine,complain, and many other things. But in the end most of them only have good things to say about it so let me hit those key points. I'v yet to play a mud where you have "3" different worlds of exploration within one. In MM you have the Virtual Plane, Underworld, and Faerie Planes. The virtual planes is for everyone. This is the main area on MM. You will find the most cities, pking, shops here. The ship system is wonderful. You can actually buy your own ship and sail around the virtual plane's ocean. The housing system is just as great. To think you can have a house with over 50 rooms! I mean you can build your own city or own dream home for your character. Of course this becomes costly. Another great thing is that with all the towns, not just one town is overcroweded by the massive 250 average player population. Which means there are probably around 750 active players playing the game. When you reach lvl 60 you tend to want to belong to something which is where the clans come into play. With about 65 clans right now, clans are important. Within clans you also get clan halls you can recall to. These can be up to 75 rooms! But it isnt easy. You must root to get such a massive hall. Ok i think thats enough of the virtual plane lets talk a little about the underworld. The underworld is primarly for higher players usually Heros (240) and Archons (241). This underworld can be traveled to in four ways. By boat(player owned),Through hellbent, by a player owned home you can recall to, or with the luck of casting teleport or using a quest item called sirchade ring which randomly teleports you. The underworld contains probably some of the hardest if not the hardest mobs in the game. Of course you will need your friends to help if you plan to get this great gear. The Underworld has about 5 towns and about 3 in development. It is growing everyday. However be careful, you dont want to lose your gear or die! Now the faerie planes is a planar that is homes of the feys and sidhes (two races in Materia Magica) This doesnt have very much gear, maybe 3 or 4 good items but that is about to change very soon. There are about 3 new towns in devoplement and 1 that just came out today, an Inn. You get to the faerie planes three ways. Hellbent, Teleport, or a jasper stone. However if you're a fey or sidhe you can get there by casting a spell called abjure on yourself which brings you to their natural plane of existance. Finally Questing, and taking your time is the best thing to do. However dont let Questing shape your character you must explore explore explore. MM is so damn big that People who have playing for years have not found half of everything it has to offer, so dont feel that people will know everything, you can teach a player that has been playing 5 years a thing or two. And yes the game does have donations but you dont have to donate, or if you want there are other ways to get donations like by writing quests or selling eq. but the only way to find out if this game is half as good as I say it is to get on it and try it, but MM is a lot like crack once you try it once you may be addicted for life :)

Peace Out, and if you ever play give Skitari a tell and tell him what you think.