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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by ShaLeah

What can I say that has not been said before about the reality that many of us call Armageddon? Not much really, every review about it raves about its unequaled detail in every aspect. The staff is absolutely incredible and diligent in its commitment to the place, the players are phenomenal and sometimes I sit and watch in awe because it is poetry in motion. I don't think I can accurately explain why many of us find this reality so compelling as to keep returning over and over again so I'll try and show you why Armageddon is so special to -me-.

It took my friend months to get me to play, months. I had always shyed away from roleplaying because I learned muds by starting off at a hack and slash, like many of us do. After several badgerings I decided to make a character, just to shut him up and after my application being denied, fixing the suggested lines and getting stuck in the Hall of Kings for at least thirty minutes, I pointed to Allanak.  I had someone waiting for me inside which made the transition easier and I was dumbfounded by the blast of sand that my character stepped into.  I didn't know her too well so I figured it would take me quite a bit to get used to her. Not so. Within fifteen minutes of being logged on, while shopping for gear to aid her in her new job, I saw a dagger that was so detailed that it literally made my character enthralled, she had to have it. Within my first week I was ordered by a soldier to follow him out to the gate so that he may educate my poor amnesiac woman as to who the Highlord was, my friend and I were hired by a templar, ordered to get exotic jewelry by his wife, we were raided by a pair of very intimidating raiders, my character had nearly starved to death and was aided by a -magicker- of all things and discovered that not only did everyone smell like dust and sweat but that water was expensive, people were mean and racist and thieves would take the shirt off your back if they could.

For those of you who have ever heard a piece of music and felt your heart touched, for those of you who read a book and feel outrage at the plights of the hero, for those of you who can watch a film and submerse yourself in the plot so much that you watch it again and again... Armageddon is definately the place for you.  You can be anything, anyone you wish to be, you can change the world, destroy the weak, champion for the oppressed, you can be part of this wonderful evolution and it will feel very very real.

There is no other place like it, none, those who leave, return, those who can not visit it because of real life, miss it, those of us who sit on saturdays and wait twelve hours for its return from maintenance, crave it.  Is it brutal? You bet your kank it is but -that- is one of the reasons why surviving it is so deliciously sweet.

You give us a week, we'll have you for the rest of your mudding life. That is my guarantee to you.