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Reviews Section
Tsunami by Paranoia

I have played tsunami for about 5 1/2 years or so (I started on tsu a while before Fetch class was removed).
At the time I was playing about 20+ muds for a few weeks so as to compare them all.
Tsunami was different in many ways, as many other muds had similar commands/rooms and standard ideas. Tsunami had been customized enough for it to be its own world.
'A PK MUD' I was once told -
When I started playing, pk rules weren't as stringent, so pk'ing seemed more commonplace. There were also several active site teams that were strong on the pk front. Now it seems most pk'ing is done by a few, either smaller players with mages (or fast damage class), or on the other end, hero level characters with enough cash to support active pk'ing. The downside to pking on tsu is that being so heal dependant (ie. from heal shops) the rich will have much better odds in a pk fight.
'Atmosphere on Tsu' - I sympathize with NAT's comments - (Tsunami - 07/01/02 - 16:17:34) about childish behavior and cliques. I think there are several issues that might need addressing about showing respect to other players. Sometimes just because someone is a prominent player (or may even have a wiz char), they may be allowed more leniency with their behavior than others would. A little bit of a 'respect check' might be good for tsunami, as several players mirror the type of player NAT described, immature and rude.
'OVERALL COMMENTS' - Tsunami is competative, fun and well put together. Most of the syntax and commands are very logical and there are extensive help files for any newbie. I think the problems NAT describes come from a too small playerbase leading to people feeling overly powerful. An increase in playerbase might even quell some of the ongoing class changes she mentions. If there were more new people playing alliances and friendships would flourish, and I think generally people would find it more enjoyable. I myself am a testament to how I find this mud. It's a hobby and Tsunami is the best Mud I have been to ever. And it's FREE!