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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Angel Kenji

I'd like to respond to Disgruntled Mudder. I'm not sure if you are on our forum mailing list, but if you were, you would have seen the email that came out from Snikt (head Imm) a couple weeks ago. In the email, Snikt cited several reasons why the Legend tier and the newly revamped Ranger class were not implemented on schedule. I will cite a few reasons, just for clarification.

1. Ubercon - A business venture that many of our Imm staff took part in. While it went well, it was not the multi-million dollar bonanza that I wildly dreamed.
2. Personal Reasons - Like any father, Snikt's family comes first. Ask him, if you wish further clarification.
3. Moving - Snikt moved to another house, and relocated the server along with it. Also, this resulted in a change in ISP, which costs money, along with the hookup, etc.
4. Staff issues - There _is_ a shortage of staff. No secret here. Finding good, dependable, volunteer staff is difficult, and Snikt is not willing to compromise his standards to hire substandard coders.

I could go on and on. As for Rangers, one of the big reasons that this was delayed is because of player input. Several details about Rangers were put out to the playerbase, and after their review, they decided that the new class didn't sound very 'Ranger-ish.' So, there is a movement underway to change this class. I don't have more specific details than that. Suffice to say, this is a good example of the staff that _does_ respond to player input.

It's amazing. If you work to please some of the players, another group whines. If you try to please the latter, the first group is upset.

Please try to consider that this entire game is run by volunteers, from the Head Imm down to the very Angel writing this review. We do it because we love this game, and I like to think that my devotion is evident. I encourage you to email me directly if you feel otherwise.

-Angel Kenji.