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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by .....

I personally think Avatar is great, and the whiny little people that posted bad reviews should shut up. most of you still play avatar anyway!

Well, the only suggestion i have is that there should be a few more quests, and with better rewards, like experience for one. or quests that give a permanent ability increase. if you have max trainable str 20 is kinda sucks you can only ever get 23 str (or 24 for a war) it's so deffinate. maybe implement a quest that gives a permanent point of str. i would also like to see more races, they dont have to be extremely different from those already there. i just think it would be cool, like frog people with racial swim *like lizardmen wich should just be permanent water breathing, or like gar flying runs out after a while* and scorpionfolk like centaurs that have a racial tail atack that can poison.

well gtg, the schoolbell rang, so i guess i have to cut it short, bye!