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Reviews Section
Materia Magica by Kimi

I started playing MM a few years ago by accident because i was bored. I have found this place to be addictive and fun even if i do get pk'ed once in a while. The commands are very simple to learn. As are the citys and surrounding areas if you spend enough time in MM getting to know the place. I know exploring some areas can be dangerous when your new to the game or if you dont know who to trust but there will always be people around who will help and they dont have to just be 'GUIDES or IMMORTALS' all you have to do is ask. Of course some people can be rude, but then they are out numbered by those of us who are not. In addition the in-game help files are extensive and clear.
Support sites and clan sites for MM are helpful and varied providing indepth maps, speedwalk and quest infomation to tracking individual players movements and pk skills.
The MM site itself supports player profiles where you can create a page for your char and leave comments good or bad on others to an equipment finder and message boards.
All i can say is if you plan to just visit then dont be rude. If you intend to play then Alyria will welcome your with open arms and never let you go.