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Reviews Section
Cleft of Dimensions by Travis

This MUD is my first, and I have to say it rules, think of the storyline from Final Fantasy meets the adventure of Legend of Zelda, you choose your race(hylian, esper, moogle) and class(knight, dragoon, wizard), and type of weapon you want(swords, maces, daggers), you also pick your element(fire, water, moon, or none) and when you start playing you see a flying fish!(inside joke)

This mud is very easy to play, simple commands, and sometimes easy to read text. The staff are real nice, but if you tend to piss them off you'll see jumbo cactuar before your demise.

CoD has many quests, most of which I didnt come across cause I'm too busy training to kill some kind of slime, and the area list keeps growing to ensure fun each time you play.

on a scale of 1 - 10, I give this mud a 9, pure and simple.