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Reviews Section
Materia Magica by Phreak

  Materia Magica is a highly addictive game. The majority of players in the game are nice people but there are a few people that try to ruin it for other players(Although I've found this to be the case in most MUD's I've played.
  The world is immense and most of the areas have a good story line behind them and great room descriptions. New Areas are always in developement and are always fun to explore when released.
  Nearly anyone can make a good char if you are willing to spend alot of time on it questing(which is rather repetitive and tedious although rewarding).
  Classes and races are somewhat balanced, most are equals buy a few races do stand above the others and some class paths do quite easily beat others.
  The are two main drawbacks too MM that I have found:
  The First issue is PK, PK areas are being reduced in common areas of the game and although most of the new higher level areas consist of alot of PK, the amount of Player vs Player combat has declined over the years. Another problem with PK is the reputation system, although the idea is good with people who PK alot being refferred to as outlaws and people who don't PK at all or those that only kill outlaws being saints. Outlaws are punished with a death time of over 3 times that of saints and to go from a complete outlaw to saint takes 25 weeks RL time with no pking. (I'm am a BIG fan of PK, if you don't like PK than this either wont concern you or you will benefit from it)
  The second issue concerns Immortal and player relations. This has been an issue in almost all MUD's i've played and MM is no exception. Punishments for breaking the same rules can differ for different players for no apparent reason, other than one player may be a friend of the Immortal in charge. Also there is the matter that some players always seem to solve mysteries of the game alot faster than others due to information leaks. This issue by no means reflects all Immortals(just a select few) but it does dampen the otherwise great experience of MM.
  Overall I find MM to be the best game I've tried and suggest it to anyone who is looking for a fun, newbie-friendly game to try.

P.S. - The compass feature is realy nifty for navigation, all MUD's should have it.