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Reviews Section
BatMUD by malitrius

The most diverse and in depth complicated game ever developed in my opinion. It takes years of player to master and yet just a few minutes
to get started and enjoy. BatMUD recently celebrated its 13th birthday  and the game is rich of history of the past. I don't know the exact
numbers but I would guess that over 20000 different players have played  this actively. BatMUD has about 5000 active players still enjoy playing  and its usually more then 400 players on at the same time at peak hours. The huge player base is one of the biggest reason for its diversity. But the game has more then 20 differnt guilds and more then 50 different races to choose from.  There's more then 1000 skills/spells you can train in the different guilds.

13th years of development of over 300 different coders have left BatMUD with a legacy of a variety of areas  that span to be almost impossible
to solve to being very easy for the beginner.

Player Cities, player merchants, alchemists players etc ensure a huge player interaction between players. Lots of player have played this game for more then 1 year gametime and they still enjoy playing it. So take the chance to try it out, you won't need any other computer game after
playing BatMUD. And the best is that its free!

So take your chance to be the Lord of Chaos, the fair elf mage, the valiant knight or the hobbit
in your own fellowship of the rings. The choices
are endless and how you play this game is up to
yourself. An extraordinary games almost without flaws after a continuous maintance for over 13 years now.
++Malitrius lvl 105 coder and coder since 1997