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Reviews Section
BatMUD by Hackop

I've been playing BatMUD for almost six years now and I'm still hooked on it. It has to be one of, if not the most extensive MUD I've played. There are over 30 races to choose from, each with unique abilities and their own guild. There are many different background guilds in the five catagories of good/evil religious, nomad, magical, and civilized. Just introduced were mounts to both ride and carry things, and this concept is to be much further explored in the future. There are also many many quests in the game. There are leveling quests, area quests, and guild quests. All of which are of varying complexity. The player to player interaction is excellent, as are the coders of the game. They code because they want to help be a part of the game, not because they get any materal compensation for it. Bat is now thirteen years old, and I cannot wait to see what comes of it in even the next year. If you haven't played it yet, start now. You'll be lucky if you ever finish.