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Reviews Section
Dark Legacy MUD by Triname

I first started my MUDing years ago, back in the age where GemStone III and other MUDs were considered revolutionary.  I even played around a little on the BBS "MUDs" back so long ago.  However, nothing I have encountered so far has quite matched up to my experience in Dark Legacy.  The world is HUGE...there are many things to see, many monsters to slay, many many interesting people to meet.  The combat, quest, and epic systems are incredibly original, and huge improvements and developments have been made even since I started playing.  Heck, the caretakers are working on huge new areas at the moment that will make the MUD even better!  I would say that Dark Legacy is one of the best MUDs I have ever played with its diversity, originality, and potential. If you ever see me online, drop me a TELL, i'd be glad to help you out :-D.