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Reviews Section
Midnight Sun by haralitha

Ok, obviously everyone that wants to promote his/her mud through a review
is going to say it's the best mud they ever saw.
I'm going to skip by that and give an overview of the features
of Midnight Sun.

Midnight Sun has been around since 1991. Since its inception,
it has grown steadily, always expanding, always growing,
but the administration has always made sure, that whatever
was implemented was of high quality.
Because of that, perhaps MS(as we refer to it) has not grown
as fast as other muds, who give their coders a more
free reign and I mean free as in less control about what
they are doing.
After 12 years, this has produced nearly 10000 rooms of
high quality content.
What you won't find in MS, are rooms with no item descriptions.
If a room is bare, it doesn't go in.
What you won't find are guilds that have about 50-100
guildlevels and only about 15 spells or skills to earn.
Every level you earn, you are rewarded with at least 1 skill,
and a lot of times more than that.
We currently have 6 guilds available:
sorcerers, druids, war monks, priests/paladins, lycanthropes and blademasters.
Each of these is totally unique. You won't find a druid skill
to be the same as a sorcerer skill with another name tagged on it.
MS has different hit locations, not just the standard
"my WC vs the monsters AC", you get hit in the head and
you're not wearing a helmet, you're going to feel it.
Midnight Sun has a great party system that for once
doesn't let people just sit and earn exp while their
big friends are killing. You earn exp if you're in
the fight.
We have player castles..make it to lord/lady status and you
get to buy a house that you can upgrade and decorate to
your desire.
We have 56!! open quests at the moment. Although you don't
need to quest to raise past a certain level, you
will raise faster if you quest every now and then.
Fly a dragon from the great Shadowmount, past Kalak's
ziggurat, over the pirate island of Aldar deep into
the desert wasteland.
Midnight Sun has an average player count of around 25-30,
so while you're never playing alone, you also don't become
one of the crowd, as in so many bigger muds.
There are simply too many good things to mention about
Midnight Sun.
If you want to come hang out with us, don't be a stranger.
There are many people online that would be glad to help you out
and show you around.
We hope to see you soon!

telnet:  port 3000
official midnightsun webpage:


PS. check out our new player forum: