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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Vox

Irritable grunts erupt from various people as you shoulder your way through the swelling crowds of mid-day.  Like a writhing sandstorm your thoughts wax chaotic as images of the morning's events flash through your mind.  Suddenly feeling eyes upon you, you draw up the loose fabric of your hood and make for the side of the road, your fingers instinctually tightening around the worn, leather-wrapped hilt of the slim bone dagger  tucked in your belt.
The dust-caked fabric of your cloak billows slightly around your emaciated form as you slip behind a stack of empty crates and duck into an adjoining alleyway.  Your breath, now coming in short, ragged pants, seems to resonate through the heavy dankness of the narrow sidestreet as you peer back towards the road known throughout the city of Allanak as Theyak's Walk.  In a moment of genuine curiousity you ponder after who this Theyak was and what they could have done to deserve their name associated with this street, but the sound of something moving in the darkness however tears you from such thoughts and you draw forth the bone dagger in a white-knuckled grip.
Lowering yourself in a defensive crouch and baring your glistening, yellowed teeth you offer a fierce and aggressive hiss which shortly turns into a raspy and amused chuckle as a scraggly gray rat scampers out of the shadows and sniffs at the air.  
"Only a rat this time..." You think. " But the Templar will find me eventually.. I have to find safe travel out of the city..." The sounds of the street filter into the alley, wrapping you in the folds of their raucous din as you settle yourself in the shadows to formulate your plan.

It has been roughly two years since my last review and I thought I would begin this one as I did the other, with a little creative and emotional writing. The scene illustrated above is very much a reality in ArmageddonMUD as those who have graced that world with their RP will testify.  The level of emotional commitment offered forth by the players of this MUD is at a level I have never before experienced in any other game. It is because of this that the scenes created are enriched with a truth that grounds the fantasy in reality.  This is the same essence which makes for good drama, be it Theatre or Cinema.  That essence combined with a dramatic storyline is then supported through amazing affects.  Here the heart of the story is supported by a dynamic and unique code which offer such amazing affects.  Suspension of disbelief then becomes a natural affect and requires no effort to attain in the slightest.  With an intense combat and magick system, language comprehension and emote variables, the ability to craft objects from raw materials, the development of unique skills including the ability to overhear conversations in other rooms it is clear that the Code offers startling and impressive support to the RolePlaying experience.

Those new to roleplaying will find immersing themselves in this atmosphere incredibly conducive to learning the subtlties and intricacies of good RP.  This aspect combined with the dedicated squad of  'Helpers' available to Newbies and an incredibly dedicated and generous Staff make the transition of a new player into this world incredibly easy.  The incredible documentation, which by itself represents an engaging read for any fantasy lover, offers further assistance to understanding the world and how to interact with it.

If you have ever played a table-top roleplaying game then you should IMMEDIATELY explore the ArmageddonMUD website and create a character, this game is a dream come true.

Newby to RolePlaying or Veteran, if you possess an imagination come explore the world of Zalanthas, we're waiting for you.