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Reviews Section
Dawn of the Ages by MUD Investigator

This review is a composit of several weeks study conducted by myself and a group of testers.

We found this MUD to be amazingly fun!  Exploration was a highlight as well as character creation.  There is a helpful newbie school upon creation that explains in detail the aspects of MUDing and navigating through this particular MUD.  Very nice.

The players are helpful but not suffocating.  (Some can be a little over-zealous about helping newbies but not in this case)  If you need help, it's there, not shoved down your throat.

Interesting coding and mobs.  Upgrades, easy navigation, adventures galore, player interaction and little interferrence from immortals make this MUD a personal favorite.  You're on your own, but you are equipped to handle it.

The MUD Investigator and testers