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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Delerak

I'll start this review by saying, it's not going to be as positive as all the others.  I have longed to write what I thought, but was decelerated by my hope.  My hope that the staff of ArmageddonMUD, mainly the overlords, would somehow change.  Hope can be a dangerous thing, it has lead to my ultimate demise of playing at this MUD which claims to be RPI.  Now for my true scope on every aspect of this mud.  It began long ago when I started as a simple-minded mudder, with only one true desire, to kill stuff.  This desire arose from all the other non-rp muds that I learned from.  Well it only took me a few months and three dozen characters, a few bannings, and verbal, well text, warnings that I am treading close to a permanent ban, which I succeeded at getting.  Of course pleading at the young age of, I believe 15, the ban was lifted by the merciful Sanvean, one of the Overlords.  While on the subject, let me begin my judgement of Nessalin and Tenebrius, the supposed coders and the other two Overlords, and might I add RL brothers.  Tenebrius, silent, I never hear of him, nor what he does for the mud, perhaps a few odd notes in the weekly updates that this mud sends out, but nothing remarkable.  Most of the coding praise usually goes to Nessalin, the Shade of, or whatever he likes to be called.  Nessalin is an interesting character, either he has some form of scorn for you, or he leaves you alone.  I don't know why, but it happens, erratic behavior, sometimes far too much when it comes to judging the players or their actions.  I have had countless run-ins with him, I can't say why, maybe because I hate playing in clans and relying on an imm.  You either love the staff at Armageddon, or you hate them.  You can't pick, either you like the way things are run or you don't.  While some praise them, and hail them as the best staff at any mud, I simply cannot.  I don't care what the staff has done in the past, I do not measure people by their reputation or what they have accomplished or done in the past, only what they have done to me.  I will not take someones word for it, and simply put, the staff for Armageddon is truly a chaotic mixture of good/bad/ugly.  Some staff members are polite, Sanvean for example, and a great addition to the mud, some are not, some say things you can't believe, some do things that you still find even more ficticious but your mind tells you must be true.  Nessalin for example, I recall in the past where I had died and was resurrected, (a 3 hour rule) and when I went back for my corpse Nessalin popped up and decided to chastise my over the OOC channel and then holier-then-though use the slay command on me.  I was upset but moved on, saying that the mud is just too good.  Recently (and the deciding factor of actually quitting for good) I was assailed in the 'Rinth, killed by three or four NPCs, lead by an imm of course, because I had managed to get a kank inside.  His mail consisted of this...

I don't know how you got a kank in the 'Rinth, but the 'rinth is twisting alleys and narrow streets, which is why you cannot enter the rinth with a kank in the first place.

I don't know if Myrdryn can read or not, but the actual room descriptions say that the alleys are actually quite wide, and just because I managed something that the imm could not comprehend he kills me?  Well if you can see the reasoning in that, then please e-mail me.

Moving right along, I think I've talked enough about how the players who prefer not to deal with imm-run clans are treated here.

The code is...unique, not flawless of course, but sharp, and without a doubt the most advanced and appealing I've ever seen in my 7 or so years in the mudding community.  The flaws are dealt with weekly, or so the staff says.  To doubt the code here would be wrong, because it is one of the best around.  I will hail it as long as this mud runs, and anyone who loves roleplaying and can deal with staff, and lots of newbies, then join them, if not, take my word for it, you will be happier spending your time in a weight room then on Armageddon.

The theme...coveted from Darksun of course.  Anyone familiar with the AD&D campaign would love this MUD simply because it is all taken from the books and documentation.  Some things are taken from other places, but my estimation is (setting and concept/theme wise) that 95% of all the things encountered in the mud are from Darksun...anyways moving along.

Quoted from the TopMudSites description.    
"The oldest roleplay MUD around, Armageddon features code showcasing an original magick system, the think command, an extensive crafting system, pc tattoos, NPC intelligence, languages, plotlines driven by the players, an ongoing history, and much more. Roleplay is required, and players are strongly advised to look over the website to get a feel for the game before submitting a character."

I see this and have to chuckle.  If this is roleplaying then I am a japanese school-girl with nothing better to do then write this review in class.  I have seen the most horrible roleplay here.  The character creation is nothing like it used to be.  Newbies get in and ruin the most enjoyable times you could be having.  The Byn are a joke, armageddon mud-school I like to call it.  Yes I know we've all been there, but how can you claim to be rp-intensive and have over 50% of your players as newbies who don't know what the emote command is for?  Armageddon took quantity over quality, and I say no to the rp-intensive because it is no longer enforced, newbies get a free-ride and learn from other newbies.  They gain positions of power and teach other newbies.  It is the blind leading the blind.  And every so often you will find someone who can test a role to his limits, move into what they might call plots, but are actually imm-run shit that goes no where and ends up hurting nobody.  The thing that has happened here is the staff got greedy.  They had a solid pbase and went into advertising, which I think personally is fine for non-rp muds, but for true RPI muds it gets maddening.  

I think I will end my disquisition here, just writing and thinking of the past and the feces I have waded through brings distaste to my throat and an eternal disheartening.  A warning to all true roleplayers, beware of the reviews by the players, and the claim of RPI.  I say to you, as the messenger, I have been there, and only those who prefer to be broken and kneel down to become some imms bitch will enjoy  this mud.  My final score is below.

Code: 9/10 Staff: 1/10 Players: 5/10