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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Aeneas

oh my god! i can't believe the amount of WHINERS HERE!!! man,responding to 50% of the posts: if u want a group, don't just sit there like the passive ape you are and ask around,ask on chat,herochat,any chat! if u can't get a group, TANK! run your own group! make other ppl happy for crying out loud, if i want a group and i can't get one,what do i do,i start my own group, and then this about " ppl who lvl cus they have friends ". i think everybody has a few friends who help them out when they can't lvl,and if u don't, there are plenty of nice ppl out there who will help you! E.g.: i didn't really know Terry at all, i met him doing a cr on somebody (yeah,how unfriendly are we ay!) and he gave me a b12-8 ice ring and he lvl'd me, idunno but if thats not friendly,i don't know! the other day i got an unfortunate person all his gear back and asked a friend of mine to enchant it without knowing that person,all i'm trying to say is, this mud is great,you get to know great ppl. if i would be asked to join the "lacking and incompetent unexisting staff" i'd say yes in half a second! (ofcourse i'm not a brilliant coder,but still..) so i encourage you to play this mud,and stop whining!!!

thank you for reading this ;) :) -aeneas