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Reviews Section
Star Wars Mud - SWmud by Hanse


I have played swmud since 1994/95 sometime with some breaks inbetween and I feel I have indepth knowledge on the mud and those who run it.


I started playing back in 94/95 and got hooked immediately. The mud has many areas and most of them are well built, with good describtions and mostly with good item describtions in rooms, which I find give extra flavour to muds.

As the years have passed, guilds have been added, planets have been added and wizards/admins have come and gone. There has been administration "disagreements" at least once and this ended quite bad at least one time with several wizards/admins "leaving".

Swmud is, as the others who have reviewed this mud pointed out, pure hack&slash. Many would want to see it more roleplaying oriented, but trust me when i say that it will -never- happen. Maybe that is a good thing though as not everyone wants to RP.

One of the strong points on swmud has always been the playerkilling. It's fun as hell and very challenging. There are many skills/items and tactics involved and very far from the old "stand in a room and see who dies first" that you will see on too many muds.

The mud is fairly newbie friendly and if you are used to lpmuds, it should be fairly easy to get into. The helpfiles are extensive and well made.

Now for the problems with swmud....

The mud has currently got very few active admins/wizards and you very seldom see anyone visible. There is hardly any work being done that is visible to the players. Basicly some bug fixes here and there. Now you can't force admins/wizards to do anything, they work for free, but you will see that most well organized muds do require wizards to show some activity or they get moved to a retired "domain/position". The administration votes on major issues and seing as some of the admins login once every few months, things go slow.

Another problem in my opinion is the lack of organization. As someone noted in another review, to become a high mortal on the mud, you need to attain a certain level and then do a quest. The problem is that this quest has not existed for 1-2 years. It was closed down due to cheating. There has been a new quest being coded for over a year but this has definetly not been a priority. Some of the guilds are also very unbalanced and lacking tons of skills etc. This has also not been a priority. There is a thorough lack of coders.

Now we get to a few things i find amusing. Swmud defines swmud quests as being,

"solely for the enjoyment of those players
who get bored with just killing things, and for the enjoyment of those coders who like to code such things."

Yet you have to do major quests to get all the nice perks on the mud and again, one of the most important quests having been closed for 1-2 years.

Also, and this might come as a shock to many, if players are able to cheat, chance is that many will. If someone codes a quest or something secret I dare say with 100% certainty that -someone- WILL cheat and tell someone else about it. It's human nature. The admins/wizards seem to be surprised everytime they see this. If you want a quest for players to get high mortal, they would better code it so that it's impossible to cheat on it (If it's possible) or live with the fact that someone will.


Taking the current guild status and quest status into account, swmud is in a bad state. Someone needs to take charge of the mud, find people that has time and resources to work on the different lacking systems and put swmud back into a productive, well run state.


This post is not to flame those who have worked making swmud what it is today. I hope my views will help as constructive critisism to make the mud better then it is now because I would like to come back and play again someday.