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Reviews Section
Star Wars Mud - SWmud by Tallman

I have been at SWmud for 3 almost 4 years now, and I recently have read a few of the reviews posted, one of which seemed fairly one sided.  The Mud is in a state right now, where lots of changes are being worked on, but slowly.  Lots of players have been complaining about the speed, but then again, alot of the players are high school and college students.. we have LOTS of free time, most/all of the wiz staff are adults, with families, jobs, and other responsibilities.  Some of the wiz staff is responsible for the safety of others through Service in the Armed Forces, and recently has been called to active duty, many players have also been called to this, but that just leaves the students behind, many of whom are going to complain when things arent done there for them.  
The wiz staff puts up with a lot, they have to regularly update/change secret info because its not a secret anymore.  Players lack the respect of some of the hard work that has been put into the mud.  Silly things like this put a big damper on the work for new projects, because the immortals in law have to watch carefully to make sure people arent cheating, and they enforce the Laws of the Mud well.  Issue being that they have coded so much stuff to cut back on the bug abuse/broken laws.  Coding stuff like that, cuts back on the new stuff that can be done quickly and efficently.  
I, personally, find that the mud is in fine shape, if you consider how players are creating more work than neccesary for the wizzies.  I think that the current staff is working hard to appease the players and their own desires as much as possible and get new stuff to the players.