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Reviews Section
Discworld by Susannetta

Oooh, wotchers there our Batty dear!

*waves madly*

Whorl, I've been playing the mud for some time, though by the standards of many I'm still  a clueless newbie (or wet hen).  This in itself speaks for the eternal fascination of the place - some of my friends have been around for eight years or more.

And during that, time, o'course, I've acquired plenty of wonderful friends (some of whom I now know irl) and even the occasional sibling[1] - our Bathoffina who posted a review before this one is me sister, fer example.

Now, of course, I'm hopelessly biased, but there are innumerable reasons for this - or rather, as many as there are rooms in the game[3].  Most of these have already been enumerated by the other reviewers, but I will add:

- Nationalities, languages and accents.  Learning a language, then practising it over time on the inhabitants of the region until you speak it perfectly (though with a forn accent, natcherly).

- The witches guild!  Not that I'm biased, mind ...

- The beginnings of an economy.  Goods and services provided by players of different skills to keep up a healthy circulation of cash (the thieves' guild does its best, too).

- Wonderful, fluffy creators.

- The whole of Bes Pelargic.  Those creators are geniuses *fluffs our Etain*.

- The fact that, even today, I'm always discovering more about it.

- Evil cabbages of doom!

As to previously mentioned tensions between the cre/player cases .. well, there is rather a division in perception there.  But you can't just blame the creators there.  Most of them are genuinely fluffy people who do their best for the place because they love it[4], but y'know?  Players  DO complain a lot. :)  And that gets wearing, and widens the gap.  
Analogous to the occasional relationship between the witches guild and everyone else.  Try this several times a day and do your best to remain civil:

wossname tells you: giv me free tea now i am a newbie kthxbye!!!11!!!
You tell wossname: Sorry, dearie, this is a new character and can't brew yet.
wossname tells you: where r u????
You tell wossname: Whorl, my old character's locked out atm, and given I can't fly ...
wossname tells you: y do u all hate me???
You tell wossname: Not a clue, dear.
wossname tells you: [expletive expletive adjective expletive]!!1!
You nod amiably at wossname.
>tell wossname: You might find politeness gets you further here, dearie.  People respond wonderfully to that.
>wossname is ignoring you and will not have seen your tell. [5]

Aaaah, the rich, wonderful world of customer service!

But to counterbalance this:

(inertia) Nayeli: i love you guys.

*snuggles our Nayeli*

Susannetta d'Almaviva

Brindisian witch

[1] Choose your own relatives, folks!  It's wonderful![2]

[2] Aaaah, footnoting - another grand feature of the mud!

[3] yes, including sur. :)

[4] And MOST actually do some work from time to time.  *eyes Chug*

[5] That is actually a pretty accurate rendition of a conversation I had a few days back ... as a rule I do my best to help, but ...