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Reviews Section
OtherSpace Interactive SF Saga by Constantine

I am a long-time Musher who had become jaded and bored with the Mush world. I'd searched the net for something new, only to come across the same old White Wolf style games.

Then a friend pointed me to OtherSpace and quite literally, it has become the only Mush I play. Mmm. Sounds like crack, huh? :)

Seriously, OtherSpace has some amazing aspects that have kept me completely engrossed in it.

First and foremost, it has a solid player base. A good mixture of new or newer players to Mushing, alongside some skilled and talented veterans. This allows new Mushers to ease into the game without feeling overwhelmed, while veterans can easily find a niche for themselves, as well.

Second, the theme is extremely interesting with all sorts of things going on across the galaxy. So many plots, so many storylines -- the options are all but endless.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, I've found the admin as a whole to be extremely, extremely helpful and cooperative, with Brody(the head Wiz) taking the lead. This point cannot be emphasized enough. With admin encouragement and support, players feel that much more empowered and interested in the game.

There you have it.

A.A.G aka 'tine