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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Anonymous

Armageddon, though at once a good game, has quickly been declining.

The level of role playing has become increasingly worse, with players twinking skills (focusing on training skills only)and even experienced players beginning to focus more on money than on role play.

New additions to the staff have proven themselves to be detrimental to the previously acceptable group of administraters. Applications submited to the mud may be accepted by one staff member, but another, similar application, may be declined by another. In short, the role of the administration has been handed to a group of players chosen most likely simply for the amount of time they've been playing, rather than their skills, which will most likely be denied by the admins.

Further more, the mud shuts down ever saturday for "additions to the game," however, it is illogical that such small additions would take a full ten hours to complete. The staff says that they are testing out new things, but it is obvious that few things are actually being added to the game. Even if the need for a server down time actually exists, saturday is a day when most players have spare time to play the game and is quite likely the worst day to shut down. Other muds have no such extensive down times and seem to be doing fine.

These factors has caused the player base to deminish, going from 60 people at peak times to around 30. The player base is also so concentrated in one area, that allanak, supposedly the largest city in the world, have only 5-10 active players at peak hours, thus making any rp difficult. The staff actually suggested solo rping, or typing in countless emotes to a group of npcs and recieving no response.

There are other flaws that can be easily listed, but the ones already named are the most important and should be sufficient, as the mud will most likely never fix them anyways.