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Reviews Section
Star Wars Mud - SWmud by Glenn

SWmud has been around for an amazing nine years, five of which I've been lucky to participate in.  Although there have been various up-and-downs, as any MUD will experience, the player base has remained a fairly tight-knit group of people who consistently log in and enjoy both the social and competitive aspects of the MUD.  

While there are a couple things I would change about the current MUD, nearly everything "works" so to say.  Most of the quests, while not specifically quests so to speak, are fun, challenging, and rewarding.  There are three or four major ways to earn credits, and quite a few ways to spend those credits.  There's a completely unique space system, many planets which you can explore for hours and still only have seen the basics of, a very fun player killing system that far surpasses the typical tank-and-win PK systems, tons of quests to do, and many more unique features.

The space system is a delightfully fun aspect of the game, based on the X-Y-Z coordinate system.  While it's a bit scary at first, it's easy to catch onto the basics, and soon you'll be stealing enemy ships and selling them, or perhaps making a run to a planet with a crashed ship to haul in spare parts.  While space is a fun side of the mud, there are mobs on most planets called Smugglers that will ferry you across the galaxy for a relatively cheap price, making space travel nearly obsolete.  In addition, space combat leaves something to be desired, as you can turn on a dime, so there's almost no point in flying while fighting.  A new space system was in the works about a year and a half ago, but the wizard working on it hasn't logged into the MUD for nearly 11 months, and the admin seems to be against letting anyone tinker with it.

The planets are numerous, and many are quite big, taking several hours to grasp the basics of.  Most planets contain quite a few quests, ranging from easily solved and less rewarding, to being more difficult and with staggering rewards.  You'll recognize many of your favorite characters from the books and movies, since the MUD has no specific timeline.  However, this also works against the MUD, as there is incredibly little roleplay, and most players don't know where to begin.    

While taking in these adventures is fun, there's a current block on gameplay.  The normal max levels attainable are 19/19/19 in your three guilds.  You can go to 20 by collecting two million experience (quite a bit), however, doing such snags you none of the benefits a "full" High Mortal gets.  The problem with that, is there's currently no way to attain the High Mortal state.  Whereas this matters little to most of the older players, many of the new players are stuck with nothing to do.  While the quest is being worked on, it was scheduled to release a year or two ago.  Little information was given to players regarding the state of the quest, which led many to discontent, and quite a few have left.  Like the space system, it seems no other wizard is allowed to touch the quest, for fear of the secret status being leaked.  While this doesn't sound bad, keep in mind that the quest was slated to be released long, long ago.  Having one third of the mud be high mortal, one third be "pseudo" (above 19, but not high mortal), and one third being mortal, it throws not only player killing out of balance, but also most new weapons, as almost all additions are High Mortal only.  This, as well, leads the normal player to feel shunned, since many areas are only accessible by High Mortals, to prevent cheating, since apparently people who are High Mortal live by a better code than those that are not (I can tell you from first-hand this, as well, is untrue).

While the current state of the MUD is in a slump, quite a few steps could be taken to fix it, but the feeling among a lot of players is that administration isn't taking the necessary steps to do so.  I highly suggest logging in and joining the ranks of SWmudders, but be prepared for advancement to plateau fairly early.