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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Kelrin

Well, then I just read all these reviews(that aren't stored away in archives, i don't have the time to read all of those)  I have a few things to say.

As for everyone saying Crom this and Crom that - Crom didn't like my idea, and Crom doesn't want me to talk about what HE made and implemented in this game.  I just look for a 2x4 and attempt to smack you repeatedly.  As someone said before - HE IS A SENIOR IMMORTAL...In other words, he has worked HARDER and LONGER than Anyone who is out their complaining.  I have a request - Those of you putting out bad reviews - I don't mind if you do, by all means, but before you do, find out ALL of the details.

Second, as per Worship, and other great ideas.  Why say it is a bad idea?  Someone tell me the difference from before worship, and not worshipping(it IS your choice) now?  I see none.  I do see worshipping adding bonuses to your character making him/her just a little bit better.  Also loss of stats from death.  Who has EVER played AD&D?  What happens when you are reserected?  You loose 1 point of Constitution(if you have never played using that rule, then you have a nice DM)  But you CAN get the stats BACK after death in Avatar, but not in AD&D.  But nobody complains to the creators of D&D, so they are fine.

Lets see, what else.  Oh yea - Today, someone helped me(being that i was a smaller character, and they figured me as a Newbie) told me that another God, other than who I chose to worship was better for my class.  So i decided to delete, rather than unworship(which is a Definate possibility, you can do it at any time, provided you have enough practice points to do so)  I had just spent an hour fletching steel bolts for my archer, and had 1,188 bolts.  just before i ran, someone told me.  I typed 'Who Arc' and found an archer around my level, went up to them(randomly) and said here take these.  Gave them over 1000 bolts(which cost 350+ per 25) and the best crossbow they could wield at the time(and a pointer on soloing)

A few days ago a random hero sent me a tell saying do you need any help, i had 2-3 people helping me get gear.  Newbie friendly?  Yes.  I think so.  I helped 4 people in 4 days fully equip themselves, and i was STILL a lvl 15 lowmort.  out of all the levels, i was bottom 2%, yet i still found a way to help them.  I'm sorry people aren't always 100% ready to drop everything they are doing to help a new player, but for the most part, i am pleased with this game

I have been playing for over 6 years, now.  This is the ONLY Mud I play.  I have tried others, but I prefer Avatar.  Not because the others were bad, but because (in my opinion) Avatar was better.

Keep in mind - all of these reviews(save the few from the Immortals that answer certain questions, or shed new light on previous complaints) are all opinionated.  But remember - Why would someone complain, then say he doesn't want to say his name or the imms with delete him.  How much since does that make?  You don't like the game right?  You are complaining, so why get mad if you don't play it anymore?!

*Borrows Snikts Duh Hammer*

*Smacks a few choice people*

*Runs Away screaming like a lunatic*

*steals Snikts'll sell good :P*

Kelrin, Erfende.