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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Kankfecker

Armageddon MUD has a perpetual schizoid thing going on. While perhaps the premiere roleplaying MUD on the Net (I've tried a lot of the other RPIs and none match up in terms of gritty realism and sometimes painfully intense roleplay), it has the problem that its standards make it difficult for new players to get the hang of things. A complicated emote system, while allowing for some ultrakeen emoting on the part of the players, is hard to learn, and the world has complex social mores, morals, and conventions. A MUD needs new players - they're the lifeblood of a MUD, and while this MUD has an adequate playerbase, with a greater number it could be awesome.

Therefore its a step in the right direction that in the last couple of years, Armageddon has made a strenuous effort to make itself perhaps not friendlier to newbies, but easier to get the hang of. Examples:

a list of player helpers, all of whom seem actually friendly and helpful
an introductory section that covers everything from choosing a character name to how to create an account
utilities like the emote exampler, that lets you see what an emote looks like in order to get the hang of things (
discussion boards that include a newbie forum, and which manage to be active while (usually) free of flames. I've yet to see a new player flamed for a question - the occasional flareup seems to be reserved for experienced players

I think Armageddon's worth the effort but if you're not in it for the roleplay, you should find someplace else. If you're all about the roleplay, though, you aren't going to find a better MUD to call home.