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Reviews Section
Ages of Despair by Kagehi Kossori

I won't respond to either of the prior 'reviews', but figure that now that we are open to new players again, it is a good idea to say something about what is going on in general.

The disaster:

Some number of months ago, I don't remember how many, a hacker attacked another service running on the same network as the mud. In the process of picking up all the pieces, our server got shoved in a corner. It was decided, since we seemed to literally be at the bottom of the food chain in their list of priorities, that it was time to move the server. Once someone was able to get a hold of the machine the code and player data was temporarilly houses on someone elses machine, this meant that new players where not possible during that time, since the overhead of running two muds on the same server and issues with stability didn't allow it.

This rebirth:

As of a few days ago we finally got the old server moved and set up at a new site. We are now open for new players, however it seems that the listed IP here is still showing the closed site. The correct address is or Since the priority has been making sure that the mud is stable and running properly, the web page and the old DNS address are not quite up yet. But I am hopeful, and check every day to see if they finally have it working.

In any case, despite being awol from the world for the months that the transition took, we never went away and the staff spent a great deal of time implimenting bug fixes, adding new areas and generally driving those of us with characters that could log in nuts. ;) There are still some things we are looking forward too and know are coming, including additional guilds and changes to at least one existing guild that where delayed as a result of the mess. No telling what is hiding in the shadows that we don't have a clue about. After all, the plague that sprang up and ravaged or land for several weeks before and after the final move was definitely not something we expected. lol