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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by Mortimer Nathaniel Temporis

Okay, I'm new to the mud, so I don't "know" people.  This has a drastic effect with some people.  It's a great mud, don't get me wrong. I thourghly enjoy it.  If you turn off OOC, I find it makes the experience better. Some of the conversations are truly immature and depressing, but hey, that's people.  The imms work hard on the mud though, and besides a mild insult from an imm mischanning their alt *coughcough* Beyond the few players that are terribly irritating with rampant stupidity, the mud is great.  Solid systems for practicing, though I hate the length of time for stat training. ^_~  All in all, solid.

-- Mortimer Temporis, CEO of Pentex Inc.