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Reviews Section
Dark Legacy MUD by Realedazed

(Beware very detailed and kind of long review ahead!)

This is my review of a MUD called Dark Legacy. It is a game set in a Dungeons and Dragon type fantasy world.  If Iím not mistaken, some of the things from DnD are borrowed. (I might be wrong, I only played the game once in my life - and I was only a half of one session) Now on to the review: For the ease of the reader, I will break it down into sections. (If I didnít I might just rant on and on about my likes and dislikes.) Keep in mind, even though Iíve been MUDing on and off for about a year now, I still consider myself a MUD Newb.

Letís begin  will the PROs

A very long list of spells. Like similar games, you have a defined list of skills that you are able to practice when you reach a certain level.  But in this game, you donít practice with points awarded to you once you reach the next level. You are taught the bare basics (1.0 of a skill) and must go out into the world and practice so you can become better.

Another long list of spells. You can pick and choose which spells you want to learn and conjure them into things called prisms.  You can also find these in treasure chests.      You can further customize your spells with runes. For example you can extend the duration or make it more powerful.      

I love how you can start crafting, even at a low level. Want to make a shortbow? Just buy a axe and saw form the tool shop and head into the woods.  The help files guide you all the way through the process. Also, you learn by doing.  No need for a higher level character to teach you. Also, it seemed like everything in the game can be made by the players. Everything from furniture to weapons to food. I really like that feature.

Shops and houses
Speaking of the players. Rooms, houses and even mansions are available for players. Iíve always like that in a game. It really makes the player feel like she is apart of something.  Shops, stalls and tents are available also, for all those crafters and other merchants.

Hatch a pet from an egg then teach it tricks and how to fight. I havenít tried it yet, but I really want to. So many pets to choose from. Kittens, hamsters, dragons...just to name a few.

Newbie School.
Iím not really one for newbie schools, but DLís Academy  was fine. There  are interactive mobs that will answer you questions about skills, spells and crafts. And a lot of explanations of the game.

I like that the combat actually involved the player. While with some games, you type ďkill goblinĒ, in DL you have options. Start the fight from the shadows by BACKSTAB with you dagger, then move in close to JAB, then THRUST and the creatures dead. Each move has different speeds and damages.

As I got lost exploring I found quite a few newbie hunting grounds.  They say a character should stay in the Academy until level 10-11 but if you do will be missing a lot of things. I also liked that a lot of the low level grounds had small quests to perform.  Also there are a few mobs around town that you can talk to and maybe they will have something for you to do.

Now for my CONS:

I have mixed feelings about the newbie friendliness of the game. The game is newbie friendly. But sometimes the players arenít. I rolled several race/class combos and asked for help on several times. Sometimes I was given a help over the newbiechat. Sometimes a got a few friendly tells.  Other times I got some sarcastic comments. And a few times I got totally ignored. At one point there was another newbie in the same situation I was in. We both asked for help, and of course we both was ignored. Maybe he received some tells, I donít know. But I do know that I didnít see anything over the newbie chat.  Also, there is a Newbie Guild and also some Guides or Caretakers.  I donít think any were on when I was asking for help. Either that or they were all busy.

If you are a Rper, like myself. This may be the game for you!  As it is now, there is little to none on the MUD. (NOTE: None, that I observed personally. There may be some that I didnít see and donít know about) In the help I found the followers of this god is at war or always conflict with that god. This guild doesnít like that guild.  That is the basis of some RP there, (or at least RP that leads to PVP), The one the that the game lacks is a Storyline. Something to make the players roleplay.

The Map.
From what Iíve seen the map is huge.  You have two main cities, (maybe more, thereís only 2 that I know of) There are very good maps of those.  Once you step out the city you are on a wilderness map where you have hundreds and hundreds of rooms to get lost in.  This is also were you chop  wood and forage.  I got lose several times. Maybe it is because Iím not familiar with that type of system, I donít know.  BUT, there are clues. For example: You are in the forest and a graveyard is nearby.  The text will read : ďHaunted Graveyard is northwest of here.Ē  Thatís all well and good, but I had to get lost first to find that.

Lastly, the help files.:
The help files covered a lot of things. But my only complaint was a few of the things I wanted to know was no where to be found in the files.  This one is no big thing, however.

Well that was my little review. Please stop by the game and try it for yourself. It is rather and enjoyable and quite addictive.