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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by Anthony, aka Stavros Asril Wiscraff

Right, SW:SE. I came to the MUD over two years ago, and I've played the same character those two long years.

Unlike the definition 'MUD' would suggest, fighting characters have lost their importance over the years as the MUD has twisted alot more to the world of scheming and devious plots. Deaths of players do occur all the time, ofcourse, as a part of said plots, and powerful fighting individuals are still quite powerful, but less preferred as a choice of character. It's all about roleplay, and if you don't want to roleplay, forget SW:SE. Here we play to enjoy. Not to win.

The MUD has had swaying success in it's staff rosters, and while I resent to aknowledge corrupted admins I do admit there's been alot of stress and admin-to-admin braggings and whinings, blames and flames. The state of the staff roster has seen a sway to the better and is getting more appropriate, do I suspect we won't be fully getting arid of inter-staff occurances for awhile yet. Is that ok? Yeah. Why? It's only human. Never happened on MUD X? Oh trust me, it did. The staffers are nice and do a great job, some of them just aren't nice to eachother.

The MUD lives the timeline of the New Jedi Order, the years before the Vong invasion. The MUD sees a wide arrange of characters from diplomats to assassins, generals to force-wielders. If it's at all acceptable to exist in the Star Wars universe, you can probably pull it off here.

The MUD has a good bunch of fine RPers to make any plot interesting, and it's deal of less fine RPers to get grey hair for. It should be pointed out, however, that the bottom off our litter is often the cream of many a roleplaying playerbase. For our fortune.

It's easy to get bored. If you sit on your butt and wait for opportunities to come to you, you're gonna be sitting for a good long while. But who seeks, finds, and SW:SE is no exception. Work for it and you might have the entire playerbase after you on some epic vendetta, or you might be leading a rogue fleet towards the interior worlds.

Star Wars: Shattered Equinox is the most MUSH-like MUD I've ever seen, and I'm proud to be a well-known member of it's player-base. More roleplay than every other MUD I've ever seen combined, lacking just about nothing and being so addictive it has held me tightly for two years, tens of hours every week, and for years more to come.

I haven't seen a better one. And I won't.

We're waiting.

-Anthony, aka 'our resident goth' (don't ****ing ask..)