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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by Jaxxonater

Well, here I am, Jaxxon Dar'shen. Coruscant Smuggler turned Imperial Soldier turned Coruscant politician.  This MUD is amazing. What more can I say? The roleplaying oppertunities are boundless as long as it fits in with the SWU and the current timeline.  The code is a quite code and is constantly being improved and modified. The areas are original and almost all playable with the exception of a few key worlds built by a less than acceptable immortal who no longer resides at SWSE.  The players are helpful to newbies, the imms are a point.

The Roleplaying of Star Wars: Shattered Equinox cannot be matched by ANY other MUD, Star Wars or not.  I've played numerous MUDs and my habits formed on SWSE from it's enforced roleplay stick.  Another strong point is that you can do almost anything and fighting is becoming less and less code based and more and more RP based.  By almost anything I mean if you wanted to be lets say a private banker or a lawyer or even an Imperial Grand Admiral, you can be it. However things just don't get handed to you on a plate, you work for your position.  Another thing is if you can't seem to fit into a storyline that other players have set up, you can try to set up your own storyline which can eventually lead to a merging of your own and a much larger storyline.  The only limit RP wise in this came is your imagination.  The Roleplayers on SWSE very in strength but our worst are many other MUDs' best.

The Code...heh I'm not really an expert in this area but I have seen alot of things that have never been done to such a good degree as these are.  Cargo, been done before on other MUDs yes...but very very few.  The Cargo system is a very reliable system of making money and is done to a degree that I believe cannot be surpassed.  Space travel, the space travel on SWSE comes from it's parent MUD, SWRiP but has been heavily modified and we can say it is slightly better than SWRiP which is a huge compliment in my humble opinion.  Parts of the Space System also are link into RP, such as the Ship Emote or smote command.  Not much more I can say...I'm really not an expert in this area.

Planets, original, very fun to RP on, nuff said about those.

Players, helpful to newbies...usually the newbies learn alot of RP tricks from the veterens.  See RP section for a little more.

Imms, helpful, funny, sometimes a bit harsh but hey, They're imms and are doing this for absolutely no charge to the players.

Bad things about the MUD, lippy players who think they own everything, I'm one of them :P.  Hard to RP if you sit and let the RP come to you, so I think the saying 'It's better to give than receive,' fits in nicely.  Some areas are scarred from bad building by a certain imm with a Yuuzhan Vong name.

For the Hardcore RPer, SWSE is a dream.  For a player looking for a Role-play MUD SWSE is the perfect place.  See above for reasons as it's getting rather late and I'm too tired to explain this all in a concluding paragraph.

-Jaxxon Dar'shen
Ret. Colonel, Imperial Remnant