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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by Xiao Minzhi

Okay, this has been awhile in the making.  I'm going to keep it brief, and to the point. The mud is great.  Don't get me wrong.  The people are immature, stupid, and all-in-all, annoying.  If you don't RP just how they want you to and automatically feign and grovel when they tell you you're wrong, prepare for ostrasizion. It's NOT pliable.  The imms? Mostly friendly.  Nekekami has helped me alot, on this char and my alt or two I've had.  And I appreciate it.  But many players, not naming names, are jerks, not all though.  The majority, the sad sad majority, are.  I'm sure one of them is bound to post a review inevitably and say this is wrong and I'm a liar, but it'll just prove my point.  The mud is great ... if you're not a newbie.  While the imms and some players help newbies, The raw majority will not, and will scorn you for making the most simple mistake, like knowing who they are. "Oh no!"  It's the little things that make it intolerable.  

Xiao Len Wu, styled Minzhi, Imperial Remnant Lieutenant Commander